Client Testimonials

What audiences are saying about Madelyn

“Madelyn Mackie is a fantastic and knowledgeable presenter. She delivered her stellar “Activate Your Job Search with Social Media” workshop for Wardrobe for Opportunity’s alumni and we had a record number of clients show up to take advantage of her valuable content. Her style made our clients feel comfortable and at ease with a technology-focused workshop, which was evident by the number of questions they asked and their high level of engagement. In addition, Madelyn made the information clear and digestible, giving our clients valuable information that they can easily implement. I have already seen several of our clients act on the information that they learned from the workshop, which is exactly the aim of our workshops and a testament to both Madelyn’s content and expertise.”

Rebecca Beasley-Cockroft

“Madelyn led several seminars that I attended related to job search skills. She is well-prepared, keeps things lively, and provides more value-added information than other presenters. She also provides great one-on-one advice when answering specific questions.”

Gabe Togneri

“Madelyn is a fantastic presenter. I have been in four classes taught by her and all were excellent. She is very knowledgeable and an enthusiastic coach. She clearly knows her material and is very upbeat. She is also creative in giving advice to job seekers. She was helpful to me in polishing my resume. I hardily endorse Madelyn as a coach and teacher.”


“Madelyn gave a presentation on Activating Your Salary. She is a great speaker who keeps her audience entertained, intrigued, and eager to learn more. More importantly, her presentation was packed with information that can be used in real-life situations. We definitely want to hear Madelyn again, so our plan is to have her present a longer workshop for us.”

Mary Gayle Thomas

“Madelyn is a great coach. I took her “LinkedIn” and “Web Tools for Job Search” classes. They are well constructed, very practical and useful. I highly recommend her!”


What career changers are saying about Madelyn

“I would strongly recommend anyone needing a career advisor to seek out Madelyn. I connected with Madelyn after my previous employer downsized. Meeting Madelyn was the best thing that happened to me during that time. Madelyn took time to review both my cover letter and resume and I received many callbacks as a result. I found Madelyn to be a great listener; she provided insight into areas of improvement to get me noticed by employers. Madelyn’s advice worked 100% of the time. As a mentor, as a coach Madelyn is “GREAT.” Thanks to our weekly meetings and her positive influence I was offered two jobs following Madelyn’s method. I only wish everyone had a coach like Madelyn. I can’t thank her enough.”

Cathy Dunwood

“I found Madelyn’s presentation skills to be very informative, but also engaging. The content has been very useful for me in my current job search. Most importantly, I was able to revamp my LinkedIn profile to include her recommendations and other professional tips.
Madelyn is also a very engaging speaker, involving her audience with questions and testimonials. I recommend Madelyn for all training and career search activities based on my first-hand experiences with her.”


“Madelyn’s friendly and supportive demeanor made our one-on-one session a great and productive experience. The expert advice and gentle coaching she provides will definitely help anyone in need of a confidence boost during the career search process. Madelyn’s advice brings results. Due to her help, I had more responses to my resume and was more successful in interviews, all of which lead to getting my current job. Thank you Madelyn!”

Evie Fong

“I really enjoyed Madelyn’s LinkedIn class! I immediately went to work on her suggestions. It was really helpful to have such a concise “take away” from the class. I have my alarm set to spend time on Linkedin every morning using her 3x2x1 method. Looking forward to attending another one of Madelyn’s classes ASAP!”


“I am extremely impressed with Madelyn and her work as a career activator. She brought a depth of knowledge and thoughtfulness to our conversation. But, most exciting to me were the specific actions she was able to recommend after looking over my resume and talking to me about my background. She pointed me towards specific resources and suggested possible networking opportunities that I had not even considered. Her follow up was timely and organized. Her entire approach was not only helpful, but also extremely positive and energizing.”


“Madelyn educated the room on putting together a good resume. Madelyn really engaged with the audience and provided some great information. I highly recommend her.”


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