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Madelyn Mackie & Associates, LLC is a Professional Development Consultancy
Specializing in Corporate Training and Coaching Services

We have facilitated more than 1,200 onsite and virtual workshops for professionals, written over 2000 resumes, executive BIOs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, and have coached thousands of executives, managers, directors, and individual contributors

Internal Advancement & Development

Professional development training, coaching, and branding to advance the diverse talent pool within your organization for maximum employee engagement and retention.

Outplacement Services

A soft landing for corporate downsizing with a compassionate team who will listen and expertly guide employees, helping them successfully disconnect from your organization—mitigating risk, reducing costs, maintaining morale, and creating an overall positive transition

We help corporations motivate, educate, and empower their staff to activate their career dreams—through Internal Advancement or as a part of Outplacement—so employees feel supported and motivated on their career journey.

“Madelyn is truly the most inspiring career coach I’ve ever met. From her incredible background story to the content and system she has developed to help people succeed, she is world class in this field.”
Reginald C

Director Program Management, Google

The Madelyn Mackie Difference


a vision of your ideal career


the resources to start moving forward


a plan of action to fulfill your career dreams

Madelyn Mackie isn’t just a big dreamer—she’s a big doer. She knows that matching dreams with action is where the magic happens.

Powered by her early childhood aspirations of wanting to be a superhero and change the world, Madelyn believed in forging her own path. That path would later include successfully navigating three high-profile careers.

Her first career in biochemistry put her organized and process-driven mind to the test where she excelled, becoming a published researcher in the field.

Next, she transformed her passion for performance into a career in theatre, where she worked at four Tony Award®-winning theaters. During this time, Madelyn continued her quest to better the world by volunteering as a disaster relief team lead for the American Red Cross, where she later transitioned into a staff role as a Program Manager.

Many years later, when asked to speak at an event, Madelyn’s eyes were opened to her passion of delivering life-changing information to people.

Today, as a Certified Career Management Coach and Trainer, Madelyn continues to change the world by sharing her inside knowledge on how to set clients apart and highlight their strengths, abilities and special talents in today’s competitive environment. Madelyn draws on her decades of varied experience to provide expert advice, encouragement, and step-by-step action plans needed for clients to activate their career dreams.

Certification and Capabilities

“I am still in awe of the magic that was made in the room while Madelyn shared her talents, gifts, and wisdom. Her unique talent to balance owning the stage and allowing space for women’s voices to rise set off a chain reaction that left each woman feeling understood, courageous, heard, and inspired. I am confident, each woman went home ‘Leveled Up’ on balance, bravery, business, and feeling more connected than ever before.”
Kamy T

Director of Milestone Circles Program, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Previous Organizations We’ve Activated

We Educate & Train our staff and clients for results

We Stylize & Customize our products and services for every client’s individual need

Authenticity & Honesty is at the core of everything we do

We Motivate & Empower each other and our clients to achieve their goals

We help our team and our customers Execute & Activate one action step at a time

“Madelyn is a highly skilled career coach who is very engaging and a problem solver. She has worked with our organization for several years and counting. Madelyn prepares the workshops to the needs of the organization and audience. She is very keen to the needs of the individuals in the audience and how everyone can get the most from her services. If you or your organization want to excel, then I highly recommend Madelyn Mackie!”

Rance B

STEM Programs Relationship Coordinator, Cañada College


For Maximum Employee Engagement


Companies who are truly committed to Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI), wanting to develop their current team, so they are more involved, engaged, and can advance to the next level within your organization


Madelyn Mackie & Associates LLC provides professional development training, coaching, and branding to advance the diverse talent pool within your organization for maximum employee engagement and retention. We will:

  • Provide a custom-made career plan for your employees to advance within your company
  • Act as a partner—your company’s advocate—to increase your employee engagement rate in your current program offerings
  • Utilize executive coaching to help both high and low performers up their game internally so they will promote your business better


  • Increased employee retention and solidified succession plans
  • Retained institutional knowledge and key customer relationships
  • Decreased recruitment and onboarding costs
  • A positive culture of growth, learning, advancement, and improved morale
  • An activation of the career dreams of your most valuable asset—your diverse talent!

“Highly recommend Madelyn and her team! From our very first meeting, I had confidence that Madelyn would be able to help with my career change journey. It was quite a leap as I hadn’t changed jobs in over 25 years and had no resume or LinkedIn profile to speak of – we literally had to start from scratch! But Madelyn was always very positive and patient and really helped to guide and support me while providing all of the necessary tools to jump start my career search.”

Jennifer M

Meeting and Event Professional

Outplacement Services
For An Overall Positive Transition


Companies who are downsizing and want a way to take care of their employees by helping facilitate a positive transition during a challenging time


Madelyn Mackie & Associates LLC provides a soft landing for corporate downsizing with a compassionate team who will listen and expertly guide employees, helping them disconnect from your company through:

  • Career Coaching and Assessments
  • Customized and Stylized Resumes
  • Optimized LinkedIn Profiles
  • Job Search Techniques
  • Networking Strategies
  • Interview Preparation
  • Salary Negotiation Support
  • Workshops and Webinars to help activate their job search


  • Mitigated risk
  • Reduced costs
  • Maintained morale
  • An overall positive transition

“I had the pleasure of seeing Madelyn present as a keynote speaker, at the IAAP conference in July, and was truly blown away! I knew I wanted to have her attend the annual workforce development opportunity I put together for the administrative professionals in my agency, and she did not disappoint! She truly inspired all of us with her “Activate Your Career Dreams” workshop! She has taught our team how important it is to speak to the value you bring to your role, and how to properly build your resume. She is an enthusiastic, passionate, and dynamic speaker, and I’m thankful that she took the time to present at our event. I plan to work with her in the future!”

Brittany K

Project Manager, Washington State Department of Heath

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