Inspire, motivate, and activate your audience and their careers. Fun, energetic, high content keynotes for your association or employees.

Get Clarity, Get Unstuck, and Get Moving!

Activate Your Career Dreams!

Create. Cultivate. Activate!  Whether you’re ready to launch your first career, transition into new career, reenter the workforce, reestablish a career, or take your current career to the next level, your career dreams can become a reality. Learn a step by step process to create a vision, cultivate the resources and activate your career dreams.

Activate Your Dreams!

Activation is not just for career dreams!  Whether you’re ready to launch your first career, transition into new career, start a business, pay off debts, lose weight, improve your relationships, organize your life, or conquer the world, your dreams can become a reality. Find out how to get clarity on your dreams and create a clear vision of exactly what you want. Identify and cultivate all the resources to help you focus  and be more productive in achieving your goal. And finally, activate an implementation plan to make your dreams a living, breathing, touchable reality…today!

Activate Your Resume

Learn everything you need to produce customized, professional career documents that highlight your skills and accomplishments, showcase your expertise, and optimizes the best key words to get you past the online tracking systems and get interviewed by more recruiters and hiring managers.

Activate Your Career with LinkedIn and Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, oh my! Can social media help your career? Absolutely! Can social media doom your career? Absolutely! Learn how to create a search engine optimized LinkedIn profile, grow and build your network, and navigate the social media minefield to find amazing resources, your next big promotion, your ideal clients, and the best career and business opportunities.


What Audiences are Saying…

Gabe-Togneri“Madelyn is well-prepared, keeps things lively, and provides more value-added information than other presenters.” -Gabe Togneri
Rebecca-Beasley-CockrofMadelyn’s style made our clients feel comfortable and at ease with a technology-focused workshop, which was evident by the number of questions they asked and their high level of engagement. I have already seen several of our clients act on the information that they learned from the workshop, which is exactly the aim of our workshops and a testament to both Madelyn’s content and expertise.” -Rebecca Beasley-Cockroft
Mary-Gayle-Thomas“Madelyn is a great speaker who keeps her audience entertained, intrigued, and eager to learn more. More importantly, her presentation was packed with information that can be used in real-life situations.” -Mary Gayle Thomas
“Madelyn is a great coach. I took her “LinkedIn” and “Web Tools for Job Search” classes. They are well constructed, very practical and useful. I highly recommend her!”-PL

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