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Activate Your Career Dreams

Create. Cultivate. Activate! Learn a step-by-step process to create a vision of your ideal career, cultivate the resources to start moving forward, and activate a plan of action to fulfill your career dreams. This is a great session to help figure out your short- and long-term career goals and how to work with your mentor or supervisor to achieve them.


Activate Your Resume

Learn everything you need to produce a customized, professional resume, bio, and cover letter that highlight your skills, experiences and, will get you the results you’re seeking. Discover resources used by professional resume writers to make writing your resume quick and easy. Practice simple methods to write quick, effective, and honest bullets about your accomplishments.


Activate Your Career with LinkedIn – Activate Your Profile – PART 1

Learn how to create a search engine optimized LinkedIn profile, grow and build your network, and navigate the social media minefield to find amazing resources, your next big promotion, your ideal clients, and the best career and business opportunities.


Activate Your Career with LinkedIn – Activate Your LinkedIn Strategy – PART 2

You have a great profile – now what? What’s your strategy? Do you know how to engage your audience and generate leads and opportunities that support your career goals? Learn how to build a strong professional network with your colleagues, your leadership team, vendors, professional contacts and industry influencers. See how to use special features and tools available to help you reach your goals including advanced search features, special profile segments, hidden professional communities, and much, much, more!

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“Madelyn has been an irreplaceable partner of AT&T The NETwork Black Integrated Communications Professionals on our journey to provide members with cutting edge skills and professional development. Her bigger than life personality resonates with audiences of diverse professional backgrounds and makes the daunting task of creating and updating career documents enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to make a career move or simply need help succinctly capturing the highlights of your career on paper, Madelyn’s expertise is a treasure. She has cracked the code on “career activation” and is truly a secret weapon.”

“After working with Madelyn, I instantly attracted professionally relevant career building views and communication on LinkedIn. Through working with her, I attracted the interest of a Recruiter from one of my dream employers and will be starting a new job there shortly. I appreciate her enthusiasm during our time together and for helping me to ready myself for the job search.”
Jamaila Holder

Product Manager

“Madelyn, thank you so much for leading the Good Ol’ Girls Activate Your Salary workshop. Your presentation was everything we could have hoped for: fun, engaging, and most of all, informative. I love that you gave more than just a pep talk. Your step-by-step guide made the negotiation process real and manageable.”
E. Radovich

Program Director

“The advice and training Madelyn provides produces results. Not long after incorporating her strategies, I got an interview with a top company for a position that I am very interested in…and very well qualified. A few days later, following her LinkedIn tips, I received an email from a hiring manager requesting a meeting. Take Madelyn’s workshops, execute what you learn, and, you will see results!”
Tom Scovill


“Madelyn is one of the most skilled presenters I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has an uncanny ability to relate to any audience and can turn even the driest material into a funny, engaging, interactive presentation.”
Emily White

Director of Philanthropic Partnerships

“Madelyn led several seminars that I attended related to job search skills. She is well-prepared, keeps things lively, and provides more value-added information than other presenters. She also provides great one-on-one advice when answering specific questions.”
Gabe Togneri

Investor Relations and Finance Professional

“I really enjoyed Madelyn’s LinkedIn class! I immediately went to work on her suggestions. It was really helpful to have such a concise “take away” from the class. I have my alarm set to spend time on Linkedin every morning using her 3x2x1 method. Looking forward to attending another one of Madelyn’s classes ASAP!”

“I found Madelyn’s presentation skills to be very informative, but also engaging. The content has been very useful for me in my current job search. Most importantly, I was able to revamp my LinkedIn profile to include her recommendations and other professional tips.
Madelyn is also a very engaging speaker, involving her audience with questions and testimonials. I recommend Madelyn for all training and career search activities based on my first-hand experiences with her.”

“Madelyn educated the room on putting together a good resume. Madelyn really engaged with the audience and provided some great information. I highly recommend her.”

“She is an energetic and inspiring communicator. Using her seasoned career-coach expertise, thorough knowledge of LinkedIn and life experience, Madelyn made the training relevant and accessible to everyone in the room. Madelyn is truly amazing; she will inspire greatness in you if you are so fortunate to experience her coaching.”
Mohamed Kome

Engineering Program Manager

“Madelyn helped me get the ball rolling in understanding the new world of job searching! My career had been at one company for over 10 years and the prospects of looking for a new one was a bit daunting. After implementing new information about how re-build my resume’ and her job search strategies, I found a new job as a technical project manager! I am grateful for her insights and wisdom!”
Dene Matthews

Project Manager

“After my company downsized, I decided I wanted to work in a more fulfilling career. My purpose in life is to help others and Madelyn opened my eyes to an entirely new world of possibilities by supporting me in articulating a career in doing what I love to do. While attending Lee Hecht Harrison she facilitated several courses I attended: Linkedin, How to Brand Yourself and Creating your Marketing plan. Madelyn was instrumental in helping to determine my career path and land my new fulfilling career. I highly recommend Madelyn to anyone who needs help exploring their professional options, she is an amazing person and truly gifted career coach”
Montrella Wilson, PMP

“I cannot recommend Madelyn enough as a career coach/ advisor for those looking to transition careers. When I decided to start looking for other career opportunities, I applied with the same old resume I have been using for the last 10 years and was getting little to no call backs. After working with Madelyn, two things happened: 1) I gained a clear picture of the type of opportunity I was seeking to allow me to narrow my focus and 2) I received a phenomenally updated resume that helped me showcase my best qualities. Within 2 weeks of receiving my updated resume I was hired by my new employer! (And I had gotten quite a few other interviews that I was in consideration for to boot.) If you want positive results in your next job search, hire Madelyn!”

Dustin Dellera

Business Performance Advisor

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