3 Quick Ways to Activate Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is an asset and powerful tool in your career and brand portfolio. It allows you to be found online by recruiters and hiring managers looking for candidates like you. It helps your network introduce you to opportunities. You can connect with companies that are hiring, apply for positions online, and use your network more effectively—all from this one platform!

In order to increase your chances of being found by recruiters or connect with a bigger network, you must activate your LinkedIn profile.

Here are 3 quick ways to Activate Your LinkedIn profile

Update your profile photo!

Seriously!!! The photo of you from your cousins-sisters-best friend’s wedding was taken 5 years ago. Time for an update.

Update your headline!

If you are in an active job search, your headline should focus on the type of role you want for the future (not the role you had last month). Here is a simple formula for creating your LinkedIn headline:

Job Title of the Role You Are Seeking | Skill | Skill | Skill | Results You Are Able to Achieve

For example, Director of Product Marketing | Innovative Marketing Strategy | Integrated Advertising | Increased Customer Engagement | Producing $MM Sales and Revenue for Luxury Brands

Maximize the Skills & Endorsement section

You can add up to 50 skills! Add. Add. And add some more!! Review 2-3 job postings and make a list of all the skills and qualifications that are relevant to you. Click Add a new skill in the Skills & Endorsement section and add all versions of those skills to the Skills & Endorsement section. Click Add a new skill in the Skills & Endorsement section to delete skills and reorganize the skills in each section.

Think your LinkedIn profile has what it takes? See how you score on the Activate Your Career Dreams LinkedIn Scorecard – https://forms.gle/wqRAJ47EGxmKGBT16

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