3 Sacrifices You Can Make to Get What You Want









When I first started my business, I knew I’d need to make a few sacrifices to get the company off the ground. I had to be willing to give up things I enjoyed in order to get what I wanted. For me, I knew my sacrifices would likely be temporary. This helped me to get through and do what needed to be done. If you are going through a professional transition, you may need to make some sacrifices to meet your career goals.









Sacrifice #1 – No Television









That’s right, I gave up TV. The day came when I realized I was wasting my time watching mindless reality shows when I could be doing something much more productive. I immediately disconnected my cable box and replaced my TV time with listening to business podcasts. Broadening my mental horizons and learning the ins and outs of business was a much better use of my time. 









Sacrifice #2 – Blocked Dedicated Time









I dedicated two hours, three times a week, to focus on my business. On Saturdays, I blocked off four hours. I would often go to my local Panera restaurant from 8am to 12pm. Sometimes I didn’t leave all day until the task I needed to do got done. By changing my environment, I wasn’t tempted to lay my work aside. This blocked, dedicated time allowed me to put my head down and focus.









Sacrifice #3 – Accountability Partner









My plans and discipline were so important to me that I needed accountability. I was fortunate to have a personal friend and fellow budding entrepreneur that was also goal-oriented and motivated to do the work. I also wanted someone who would tell me the hard truth if I needed to hear it. We wrote out our goals, worked through them together, cheered each other on, lifted each other up when our spirits and motivation lagged, and kept each other on track. Thanks, Juliette.









By cutting out TV, making sure I spent my time wisely and getting myself an accountability partner, I have been able to build a business that I am proud of. It takes hard work, dedication, and discipline, but so does anything worth doing. If you have the will, it’s time to find a way. Set career goals, make a few sacrifices, and start activating.





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