3 Ways to Trust Your Gut blog post

When I first started my business, I was told by plenty of people it would never get off the ground. Who would want someone else to write their resumé when they could buy a book and learn how to do it themselves? Or maybe they could check out the free services at a career center somewhere. No one believed in my business—but me. Despite all the naysayers around me, I trusted my gut. Now, after ten years and thousands of written resumés and coaching hours later, I’m still here! Here are three pivotal things you need to know.

If you feel good about it, do it!

When it comes to trusting your gut, you have to actually trust it. Don’t let anyone get in your way. If your gut is calm and you have no anxiety or trepidation about moving forward, why wouldn’t you go for it? Your gut is an excellent indicator of success when you don’t doubt yourself.

Don’t go against your gut.

Have you ever gotten some advice from a loved one or a friend who told you to go against your gut? Don’t. Whenever you do, it will blow up in your face. These people might have good intentions and your best interests in mind, but at the end of the day, only you know what you can do. If your gut is ready, then so are you.

Your gut isn’t telling you anything.

Sometimes your gut is quiet, and you don’t know if you should move ahead or not. You don’t feel good, but you don’t feel bad, either. What should you do? You should wait. Slow down and wait for more information. Be patient and take the time to breathe. Don’t rush into anything. Wait and see if, down the road, your gut tells you yes or no.

Never ignore your gut. Whether you feel confident or hesitant, these feelings are all signs and messages to you to proceed—or not proceed—with your plans. Don’t listen to any outside voices telling you what you can or cannot do, but only to that one little voice inside that knows what you’re capable of.

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