3 Ways to Unplug this Holiday Season

It’s December, and you know what that means – the holiday season is upon us! The best advice I’ve ever received is to take the time to enjoy your days off with friends and family, and not just enjoy them, but be intentional about it, to realign your heart with your soul. No matter what or how you celebrate, here are three tried-and-true ways to help you unplug this holiday season.

1. Turn off your email and enjoy your holiday.

This one seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people keep their eye on their inbox when they’re supposed to be on vacation. Don’t let this be you! There isn’t anything work-related that can’t wait until you’re back in the office.

2. Reflect on 2023.

Take some time to reflect on what went well in 2023 before you start making New Year’s resolutions for 2024. First, take the time to celebrate all the great things that have happened in the past twelve months before you look forward to the next twelve.

3. Do nothing! How wonderful it is to have hours all to yourself and time in abundance!

Take advantage of the freedom to just sit and be still. Let your thoughts rest after a long year of hustle. Meditate, pray, journal, stare, and be at peace during this season of peace. Find what gives you peace and give yourself to it. By filling your cup in your downtime, you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to face the coming year with poise and confidence.

Taking the time for self-care is critical, not only for your mental health but for your overall well-being. What better time to take care of yourself than the holiday season? Whether you bake, decorate, or celebrate long-held family traditions, give your loved ones the gift of yourself during the holidays. Be present and be at peace.

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