4 Ways to Activate Your Network

If you’re in love with your career or looking for a career you love, there are a few things you can do to begin (or continue) to invest in the career of your dreams. Here are four ways to activate your network.

Make New Connections

Networking is crucial, so consider increasing your knowledge by attending an industry conference or two. Get your name out there. Connect with your new networks via LinkedIn. And don’t merely connect, engage. Be present on LinkedIn and interact with your followers. Rethink LinkedIn as a valuable tool to advance your career.

Join a Professional Association

Attend even more networking events, continue your education, and make it a point to meet new people. It’s all about who you know, and if you don’t know anyone in your line of work, it’s time to do some legwork.

Build Your Online Presence

Brand yourself as a professional in your industry and purchase your name as a URL. Create a custom website to showcase your work and/or portfolio.

Invest in Your Appearance

Be sure to buy yourself a new ensemble before interviews and take care of your personal hygiene and grooming. People unfortunately judge by our appearance, so you’ll want to put your best foot forward.

One-third of your life is spent at your job, whether you love it or not. It is absolutely vital to find a career that you love and one where you thrive. Let “self-care” include your career, and you’ll fall in love with your job in no time.

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