5 More Common LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

LinkedIn can be instrumental to launch your career dreams. However, not everyone knows how to properly use the platform. Here is another list of five more common LinkedIn mistakes.

Don’t Wait for Others to Find You.

Use the LinkedIn search function to look for people you know and invite them to connect with you. You should aim to add 2-5 new connections each week if you are a passive job seeker, and 6-10 connections a week if you are actively searching for a new job. Build your network slowly, not all at once.

Don’t Forget to Explore the People Your Connections Know.

One of the most powerful functions of LinkedIn is the ability to connect you with people who are the connections of people you know (using the “six degrees of separation” principle). Follow LinkedIn’s guidelines on connecting with these folks (using InMail or requesting connections through your mutual friend), so that your account is not flagged for spam.

Don’t Indiscriminately Try to Connect with People.

One of the strengths of LinkedIn is the connections you make, but it’s not a race to get to 500+ connections. Have a reason for each of the people you connect with — either it’s someone you already know or are related to or someone beneficial to connect with. If you don’t know someone, get to know them a bit before sending a personalized connection request. (You can do so by seeing who you have in common—or who they are connected to by checking out their LinkedIn Summary and work history, visiting their website or blog, and seeing what Groups they belong to).

Don’t Restrict Your LinkedIn Networking to Online Only.

Use LinkedIn to connect with people—but then request in-person get-togethers, when possible. Meet for coffee, or lunch, to catch up.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Settings Regularly.

LinkedIn sometimes makes behind-the-scenes changes that can affect your existing privacy and profile settings. Make it a habit to check your settings to make sure you’re showing—or not showing (or sharing)—what you want.

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