5 Simple Ways to Create a 2023 Vision Board

A vision board is a simple but powerful concept. It’s a collage of dreams, a collection of pictures, quotes, and goals you have created as a visual representation of what you’re striving to achieve in your life. Here are 5 simple ways to create a 2023 vision board that activates your career dreams.

PowerPoint or Google Slides

PowerPoint is Microsoft’s slide presentation software, and Google Slides are similar. They’re often used for meetings, talks, and presentations of all kinds. However, you can use it to create a virtual vision board. PowerPoint and Google Slides allow customization for slides and various creative ways to arrange pictures, graphics, screenshots, and other digital

Kit from Amazon

If you want something tangible, get a vision board kit directly from Amazon. If you don’t know where to begin, these kits are a great encouragement in the right direction, complete with pictures, quotes, and all the supplies you need to get started visualizing your future.

Cork Board

If you’re more old school, purchase a corkboard and find inspiration through magazines, newspapers, photographs, printed words, stickers, cards, and much more. By finding inspiration organically, you’ll be able to create a vision board more suited to your own goals and dreams.

Phone Apps

You can also find vision board apps for your phone to keep your career goals at your fingertips. If you’re on the go, this might work better for you. You’ll be able to add ideas on the fly. Your board will become more of a living document to manage and share with others as you will.


Jamboard is free and is a great way to dip your toe into creating a board for the first time. With Jamboard, you can write freeform directly onto the digital document, import images, write sticky notes, set a background, and make it 100% your own.

These are just some ways you can create a vision board to manifest the future of your career.

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