Don’t send off that resume just yet – one typo could get it routed to your ideal employer’s trash folder. Here are five quick ways to proofread your resume to make sure it’s perfect every time.

First: a warmup exercise. Can you find the typos in these sentences?

  • Drove digital marketing campaigns and delivred millions in consummer impressions.
  • Led and motivate diverse teams, as well as volunteer in company’s internal mentorship program
  • Streamlined operations and introduced new system for licensing deal submisssion, significantly reducng approval process bottleneck.

Proofreading Your Resume

  1. After you’ve stared at it 100 times, close the file, and give it a rest for a full 24 hours. You need fresh eyes and a rested mind after looking at it for hours on end. After this reset, you can give it another look.
  2. Read it out loud! You can even use a ruler or pencil to make sure you’re reading each word one-by-one, rather than slightly skimming through it (this is when your brain might add an extra word or two that you think naturally fits, but you might have missed actual typing). Circle places where you find errors, or where things just don’t sound quite right.
  3. Break it down into specifics. First, look for periods at the end of each sentence. Then look for commas, then capital letters, then finally look for consistent formatting such as bolding all job titles throughout.
  4. Have someone else read it. Find that one person you can count on to correct your texts, emails, or notes. Alternatively, you can use something like a Text to Speech tool that will read it out loud for you.
  5. Use a proofreading tool like spellcheck or Grammarly on your final run-through, just to see what else you may have missed.

For all my resume clients, I use a professional, certified proofreader. I’m happy to give your resume a once over – so schedule your complimentary resume review session today (I’ll even give you the answers to the proofreading quiz 😊).

Click this link to schedule your 30-minute consultation->

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