5 Things to Do BEFORE Leaving Your Job

You have had it! Enough is enough! You are out the door! You refuse to spend another day, hour, or second in your current job. Well, before you storm out, here are 10 things you want to do before you go.

  1. Print out all our corporate contacts. You have spent a lot of time building up a great Rolodex of professional contacts. You do not want to lose all their contact information in the transition. Print out your Outlook contacts or export a .csv file and email it to yourself.
  1. Print out samples of your work. Your future employer might want to see samples of your work. Print out copies of all the great presentations, brochures, and reports you created plus any photos that might be buried on your work computer. Before sharing your portfolio with potential employers, make sure you remove any proprietary or confidential information.
  1. Print out all your performance evaluations. Most performance evaluations include a list of your accomplishments and results throughout your employment. You will need this information for your resume.
  1. Get your raise! If your performance evaluation is right around the corner, try to stick around long enough for your merit raise. You will have a higher salary to report to your future employer.
  1. Start getting your finances in order! The last thing you want is to be forced to take the first job that comes along. Take time to figure out your finances and how long you can go before you MUST find a new job.

Activation-Action-5Action Item: Not sure if you are ready to leave? Schedule a complimentary career consultation to discuss your situation and your exit strategy.

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