5 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During Your Career Transition

May is Mental Health Month, and with that in mind, let’s focus on five ways to protect your mental health during your career transition. Changing jobs or careers can be very stressful and much harder than it seems. If you find yourself getting anxious or needing a breather during this time, these tips are for you.

Don’t go it alone

Get an accountability partner, or someone who will help you share the mental load. It’s not easy being between jobs, and having someone you can lean on can prove to be one of the best supports you can give yourself.

Get counseling

This is especially true if you’ve come from a toxic work environment. Get rid of all your bad stuff so that you’ll be filled with nothing but good stuff. You can find affordable options, such as BetterHelp, which offers some packages at $200 per month for unlimited counseling.

Go outside

Don’t spend all day looking at job boards, go on a walk or a hike, take a bike ride, swim, breathe. Do something outside that will feed your heart and soul. Sometimes, the best therapist is good ol’ sunshine and fresh air.

Practice meditation

Ground yourself by meditating, whether that means yoga or some quiet time in peace. Take the initiative to reconnect with your spiritual self or your faith. Dig deep, go to church, light a candle, pray. Get outside of yourself to see the bigger picture.

Have some ice cream!

Here is my personal favorite way to promote mental health—ice cream! Grab that bowl and give yourself permission to indulge. Take a cheat day and have some brownies. Learn some new recipes and experiment in the kitchen. We all want to feel better in our bodies, but sometimes, you just gotta eat the brownie! Here is one of my favorite rich and decadent recipes for brownies.

If you practice these ways to guard your mental health during your career transition, you’ll be ready and raring to go once that new job offer comes knocking.

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