5 Ways to Recognize it's Time to Change Jobs

Are you wondering whether or not it’s worth it to stay in your job? Maybe you’re thinking about switching it up, or you’re on the fence about starting a whole new career. How do you know if it’s time? There are several red flags you’ll want to watch out for when it’s time to look for something new. Here are 5 ways to recognize it’s time to change jobs.

  • You’re overwhelmed by your job

    Do you dread going to work? Do you start feeling anxious or depressed as you anticipate going to work? Are you constantly worried at work because you can’t handle the responsibilities? Might be time to change.

  • You feel threatened at work

    If you are feeling physically or emotionally threatened, you should start developing an exit strategy. Never endure abuse for a paycheck.

  • You’re bored at work

    Not excited anymore about the work? If you’re not growing, it’s easy to start thinking about a change. Or, if your job requires you to do something you no longer enjoy, maybe rethink what you do. Traveling 50% of the time is fine when you don’t have a family, but things change.

  • Mixed feelings about your coworkers and/or boss

    Do you like the people you work with? Are you appreciated for the work you do? Maybe company politics are affecting your work. For example: you work for a family-owned business and there’s animosity among the family members.

  • You’re underpaid

    If you research competitive salaries and you’re underpaid, it may be time to look for a new company. Or maybe there’s no room to move up. Are you in the top spot in your company? If there’s nowhere to go, it might be time to look elsewhere.

Keep an eye out for these red flags and ask yourself some searching questions. If you’re not happy, not productive, and not thriving at your job, then it’s definitely time to look for something better.

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