5 Ways to Seek Peace During the Holidays

This past year has been good for some, yet hard for others. While there has been much heartache, there is also much hope. This holiday season is the perfect time to slow down, reflect, and breathe deeply. Lay down your striving and seek peace in your heart.

Take Care of Yourself

If you’re someone who is always taking care of others, take the time to stop and care for yourself. Participate in some self-care, whatever that looks like to you. Read a book or write a book. Sleep in a little more. Stay up a little later. Make a list of what you’re thankful for and fill your heart with gratitude. Taking care of yourself begins with taking care of your heart.

Give Yourself Space and Grace

No matter what has come your way this year or how many directions you’ve been pulled, turn off the phone and the computer. Give yourself the space you need to unplug and thrive. Extend the same grace to yourself as you give to others and nurture your own needs.

Be Still

Grounding yourself in stillness helps to bring order to constant chaos. However, being still is not sitting still. Release your worries and stresses. Think only about the issues of the day. Be present with your family, pull out Grandma’s beloved apple pie recipe, and thoroughly savor your second helping.

Enjoy Your Season

Do not let your disappointments dictate your joy. Enjoy your season, decorate your home, and sing your favorite holiday songs with your family. Make new traditions or hold to old ones. Make the most of your joy and those you love will feel it too.

Do Nothing

If you need a moment in time to do nothing, then do it. Be free. Settle within yourself what you are willing to do and know that it’s okay if it is not much. If the holidays are too painful or chaotic, then give yourself a season of peace. Peace is a gift, and when your heart receives peace, you will bring peace to others.

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