Happy Monday! So, what are you going to do to Activate Your Career Dreams?

career dreams

I challenge you to pick something, anything that starts you moving in the right direction. It can be as simple as signing up for a blog or newsletter that focuses on the industry/career of your choice or you can take a class at the local community college or you can start re-writing your resume and have it ready for when that dream job opens up. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. The perfect moment is today. Take the first step.

When I was transitioning out of chemistry into theatre management, I had no idea what to do or how to go about building a new career. There was no Google back in those days. I had to do it the old fashioned way. I had to go and buy a book! That was the first step.

I read that book cover to cover and started gathering the tools and resources I needed to work in my chosen field. There was something exciting and refreshing about finally starting out on this brand new career path. I could not wait to apply everything I read. Next, I started looking for internships. To apply for the internships, I needed a new resume. Step by step, I started building a career. Luck would have it, I ran into an adviser from the theatre program at a local department store. She said a scholarship recipient had dropped out of the program and would I be interested in taking the students place. Awesome, amazing things started to happen.

It was as if the law of attraction had been jump started when I purchased the book. It was the first step, that led to thousands  of other steps.

Today, put on your success shoes, tie ’em up tight and take those first steps.

Invest in a one-on-one coaching session because you’ve waited long enough. It’s time to Activate Your Career Dreams!

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A big dreamer as well as a big do-er, Madelyn draws on her experience of successfully navigating three high-profile careers to provide the expert advice, encouragement, and step-by-step action plans you need to activate your career dreams.

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