Activate Your Career with an Informational Interview!

If there is a company you’d like to work for, use this script to ask for an informational interview. This can also
be a script if you identify a contact who can give you information or help you network to a job.


  • Try to find someone you already know at the target company. Look at the company’s page on LinkedIn and see if you already know someone at the company who can help introduce you to the person you want to talk to/meet.
  • If you don’t have a specific name, research the company’s website and/or LinkedIn company profile to see if you can find the name, title, and phone number of the person who hires for and/or oversees the job you want.

Send the email or make the call—

Hi! My name is (your name) and I was given your name as the person who oversees the (name of) department
or hires (job titles).


[If you were referred to them by someone, mention that. Or, if you have something else in common — like
your alma mater or a professional association, use that as your lead-in.]

I’m looking to make connections in the ______ field. I know you’re not currently hiring, but I was hoping you
might be able to provide me with some advice.

Would you mind if I asked you a couple of questions?

[If no, ask if you can schedule a time to talk to them later.]
[If yes, give a quick summary of your background and qualifications and then ask one or more specific

  • (If the job you want isn’t currently open): How do you typically fill positions within your department? Do you hire from within or do you advertise them? And, if so, where? Or do you work with a recruiter? (in-house or which firm or firms do you typically work with?)
  • How do you like working for the company? [If you’ve researched the person on LinkedIn, you can ask more specific questions.]
  • Do you know of another department within the company — or another company — that might be hiring (job titles)?
  • How can I be helpful to you?

Thank you for your time.

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