job searchWrite resumes, send thank you notes, research the company, network on LinkedIn, update Facebook privacy settings (again), pick an outfit, take some professional development classes … AHHHHH!!!!!

The job search to do list can be never ending. Instead of trying to do everything at once, try grouping similar items together and then assign each group to a specific day.


Take a look at this example-

Monday|Computer Day: Search job listings at targeted companies, make a list of potential positions, update professional social media platforms.

Tuesday|Resume Day: Customize and send resumes and cover letters for selected positions, complete on-line applications.

Wednesday|Interview Prep Day: Review websites, annual reports and media reports of companies who have scheduled interviews. Prepare interview outfit.

Thursday|Network Day: Look for new connections on LinkedIn, ask for virtual introductions, send new contacts an article/blog/or connection that would be of benefit to them, check industry associations event calendars and register for upcoming events of interest. Contact a past colleague and schedule a coffee or lunch meeting.

Friday|Professional Development Day: Take online classes, listen to past webinar recordings, read career blogs and newsletters.

Saturday|Catch-up Day: Finish any remaining items on to do list.

Sunday|Re-energize Day!

You can categorize and schedule the items in whatever way works best for you. Having a working plan and scheduling your task will help keep you organized, on track and focused on what needs to happen each day.

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