Short Answer: No, Absolutely not. Don’t  even think about it!

Your job search is not Lord of the Rings, where one resume can rule them all!!! Stop it!

As annoying, time-consuming, and frustrating it is, you need to customize your resume for each application. It is simply not possible to create an “generic” résumé that will be truly effective in helping you land your dream job. A résumé that is not tailored towards a specific type of position is a “career obituary” and will not convey the potential you have to offer to a prospective employer. Nor show how your specific experience, education, and skills can benefit the company or organization.

Craft Your Resume to Highlight Your Specific Value

An interview-winning résumé spells out the specific value that you have to offer the prospective employer. Don’t include additional, irrelevant experience. To create such a document, it is important to understand the specific needs of that particular role. In many cases, tailoring the résumé to the needs of a specific company.

With this in mind, it is important for you to identify a specific job title that you are pursuing. Additionally even more helpful to collect 3-5 job postings for this type of position. You can include postings are no longer active or even postings to specific companies which you do not wish to apply to. This technique will allow you to incorporate relevant keywords while describing current and past work experience. This is a great way to demonstrate value to a prospective employer. An analysis of relevant job postings helps make this possible.

Note, however, that you can craft multiple versions of your résumé in order to target different types of job postings. Assuming that your relevant experience and education is transferable to the different types of positions being pursued. In contrast,  please note that you are limited to a single LinkedIn account. Therefore, it may be necessary for your LinkedIn profile to be a bit more “generic” than a customized résumé used to target a specific job type.

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