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Monday November 6 3PM – 4PM PST – Activate Your LinkedIn Strategy!

Monday November 13 3PM – 4PM PST – Activate Your Your Search Strategy!

Monday November 20 3PM – 4PM PST – Activate Your Interviews!

Monday November 27 3PM – 4PM PST – Activate Your Salary!



  • Session 1 – Activate Your LinkedIn Strategy!
  • Session 2 – Activate Your Job Search Strategy!
  • Session 3 – Activate Your Interviews! 
  • Session 4 – Activate Your Salary!



Every Monday in November from 3:00PM – 4:00PM PST.

November 6

November 13

November 20

March 27


Session 1: Activate Your LinkedIn Strategy

Fire up your laptop, log-on, and get your LinkedIn profile DONE! Over 95% of all social recruiting efforts are being done on LinkedIn. If you have a goal to find your dream job – You MUST be on LinkedIn. By the end of this session, you will have an attention getting headline, an awesome summary, and a strategy for engaging recruiters looking to hiring YOU! 

Session 2: Activate Your Job Search Stratgy

Apply for jobs. Go to networking events. Customize your resume. Speak to recruiters. Prep for interviews. Search for a job feels like having a job sometimes. Stop the out of control, overwhelmed feeling, and get your job search under control. Create a job search plan that is easy to execute and allows you to get more done, with less effort, and better results.


Session 3: Activate Your Interview

In today’s competitive environment, hiring managers are on the hunt for applicants who can prove they will deliver on the company’s mission and give them a return on investment. Learn the best way to research a company before you walk in the door, how to confidently answer the top ten interview questions, and how to create a portfolio that will showcase your talents and demonstrate why you’re the best person for the job.



Session 4: Activate Your Salary

How do you answer the salary question? How do you find out how much a position is paying? What is a fair compensation for your industry? How do you ask for more money and not lose the offer?  Get all your salary questions answers and activate your salary or raise.


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Is it worth it? 


“After working with Madelyn, two things happened: 1) I gained a clear picture of the type of opportunity I was seeking to allow me to narrow my focus and 2) I received a phenomenally updated resume that helped me showcase my best qualities. Within 2 weeks of receiving my updated resume I was hired by my new employer! (And I had gotten quite a few other interviews that I was in consideration for to boot.) If you want positive results in your next job search, hire Madelyn!” 


“Madelyn helped me at a key point in my career by both reinvigorating my search as well as helping me to update my existing resume, cover letters and my linked in profile. She used a methodical and very well organized series of steps to review all existing material, discuss these with me, then implement some cool and important updates. This laid the foundation for a “system” which allowed me to apply to a greater number of openings in a more efficient and professional manner.” 


“Madelyn’s advice brings results. After her help, I had more responses to my resumes and was more successful in interviews, all of which lead to my current job.”


“A little over a year ago you helped shape the path my life has been on the last year. Thank you so much for the work you did on my resume. The impact of the timing of my getting this job on my family and myself is impossible to describe. Thank you so much for taking my skills and putting them in an attractive bundle.”

What You Dream You Can Become

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