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☹ Is your company going through workforce restructuring?

☹ Worried that you have a target on your back?

☹ Underpaid and overworked?

☹ Do you just wanna cry every day before you walk into the office?

☹ Do you just wanna drink a lot of wine every day when you leave the office?

☹ Is your boss out of their ever-lovin’ #$@% mind?

☹ Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired about your career?

Take back control of your professional life, find a new job, and make more money in 2018.

Join Madelyn for a very special Activate Your Career Dreams in 2018 webinar.

  • Learn how to create a vision of your perfect dream career
  • Identify and cultivate the resources you need to take those first steps
  • Activate a step-by-step job search plan to get clarity, get unstuck, and get hired in 2018

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Start 2018 with a plan to make your career resolution a reality.

Madelyn Mackie is the career activator helping professionals find clarity, get unstuck, and activate their career dreams. As a result, Madelyn’s clients have landed positions at AAA of Northern California, American Red Cross, Autodesk, Contra Costa County, Kaiser Permanente, Mozilla, Safeway, Pacific Gas & Electric,, NFL Super Bowl Host Committee, Wells Fargo Bank NA. Furthermore, her clients also are working at tech firms, health care agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Madelyn draws on her experience navigating four high-profile careers—the lab (as a published biochemistry researcher), the stage (as a stage and production administrator at four Tony Award-winning theaters), the C suite (as an officer with the American Red Cross), and the owner’s box (CEO of Madelyn Mackie & Associates, a career management and professional development firm)—to help individuals activate their career dreams.

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A big dreamer as well as a big do-er, Madelyn draws on her experience of successfully navigating three high-profile careers to provide the expert advice, encouragement, and step-by-step action plans you need to activate your career dreams.

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