Keeping Your Job Search a Secret on

One of the best times to look for a new job is when you already have a job. You are more confident, secure, and open to possibilities.

Looking for a job when you already have one also provides financial benefits. Investing $1,000–$2,000 on having your resume and LinkedIn profile updated by a professional resume writer and buying new interview attire is easier when you have a current salary to draw on.

Yet there are drawbacks to searching for a new job while you’re still in your old one. The biggest concern is if your current employer finds out you’re looking.


How Not to Get Noticed on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the top social networking site for job seekers who want to be found. But simply having a LinkedIn profile might draw suspicion that you’re looking for a job, so you want to be careful how you use the site.

Here are some specific actions you should take on LinkedIn to support your stealth job search, while still being visible for business connections, and to facilitate unsolicited job opportunities:

  • Turn off your activity broadcasts. This is the first step to take, as it will ensure that your entire network isn’t notified every time you make a change to your profile. If you don’t turn off this setting, all of your Connections will receive notifications of every change you make to your LinkedIn profile. So, turn off your activity broadcasts before making any changes!

Download this LinkedIn Tip Sheet that shows you how to do it, step-by-step.

Continue to use Privacy Controls to make some additional changes.

  • Select who can see your activity feed. Your choices are: Everyone, Your Network (these include “friends of friends”), Your Connections, and Only You. Choose Only You.
  • Select who can see your list of connections. The choices are: Your Connections or Only You. Who you know is actually valuable information for future employers who are considering hiring you or searching for you on LinkedIn, so leave this as Your Connections.

Under the Communications Tab

  • Select the type of messages you’re willing to receive. Do not click the Career Opportunities, Job Inquiries, or New Ventures boxes—these will show up on your Profile. However, you can check the Expertise Requests Business Deals, Personal Reference Requests, and Requests to Reconnect boxes.

On Your Profile

  • Be sure to fill in the Advice to People Who Are Contacting You field. In particular, include your personal phone numbers (home and/or cell) to facilitate employment-related contacts.
  • Manage your Recommendations. Cultivate these over time—suddenly adding several Recommendations at once may raise suspicion. So, request Recommendations over a period of time (for example, one per month) so they will appear to be more organically cultivated.
  • Don’t upgrade to the paid jobseeker membership level. The last thing you need in your confidential job search is a job hunting icon on your LinkedIn profile.

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