With the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, we are all trying to figure out how we can help those affected.  Donate money, give blood, hold a clothing drive or volunteer our time.  Something, anything makes a huge difference to those who have suffered a tragedy.

As I continue to build my business, I am very fortunate to work for a national nonprofit that has a huge volunteer workforce.  All of the volunteers have the opportunity to take a variety of  courses to help them in their service to others.  How to drive an emergency response vehicle, how to write a press release and take photos, how to build a solid team, how to make a professional presentation and how to communicate and work with diverse populations are just a few of the workshops offered.   Many of the volunteers have developed lifelong  friendships and  numerous professional connections.   And of course, all of them say the best things about volunteering is being able to help their neighbors.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community.  It is also a great way to add experience and skills to your resume and build your network.  Simply add a Community Service/Volunteer Experience section underneath your Professional Experience.   You can even add bullets noting all your responsibilities and achievements.  Don’t forget to add your volunteer positions to your LinkedIn profile and connect with your fellow volunteers.

The Bay Area has some great organizations that are looking for volunteers with all sorts of skills.  Check out the Center for Volunteers and Non Profit Leadership in Marin County (CVNL.org) or the Volunteer Center for the East Bay (volunteereastbay.org).   And if you are limited on time, check out sparked.com or helpfromhome.org to learn about microvolunteering.

Someone out there needs your help!

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