The Best Tools and Websites to Research Your Next Company (2)

Earlier this month, you answered questions about your “dream employer” and created a list of ideal companies.

Once you have the list, it’s time dig a little deeper and do some research.

How can you research these companies?  The simplest way to start your research is on a search engine, like Google or Bing. Google the company. Visit their website, but also look for news releases they’ve published (these can spotlight new products and services that might lead to new job opportunities in the near future), and links to trade industries and other sources that can give you additional insight into the company from third parties.

Glassdoor is another excellent resource for “insider” company research. You can learn about the company from current and former employees. Job seekers have shared their experiences with the hiring process within the company. They post the interview questions they were asked, how many interview rounds they went through, who they spoke with, and how long the overall process took. Just remember that every department is different and what may have be an experience for one candidate, may not be yours.

Find trade groups and associations within an industry, and look for participating companies. Then, check out the directory of members to identify possible employers. How can you find these groups? You can conduct a Google search, check on LinkedIn for people in similar industries and see what Groups they belong to, or use the ASAE’s free online search directory.

Search LinkedIn for contacts within the company or potential contacts. Reach out to any first connections and set up an informational interview. No first connections? See if you have any second connections and ask for an introduction.

Research possible employers using mailing list/database companies. Running a search on companies using a site like InfoUSA can also help you generate a target list of employers.



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