Your 2017 Career Checklist

As the year wraps up, our personal to do lists keep getting longer and longer. During this busy season, be sure you don’t forget about your career to do list. At some point in the coming months, you will need to share your accomplishments — whether for an annual review, to update your résumé, or simply to remind yourself of your awesome 2017 achievements.

Here is a quick guide to position yourself for success in the coming year.


  • Schedule your annual performance review with your supervisor. If your current boss doesn’t provide performance evaluations, track your own accomplishments.
  • Choose a method to track your accomplishments — online using Microsoft Word, Evernote, or simply sending yourself emails — or offline in a paper file, notebook, or diary.
  • Take time to write up your accomplishments. What was the challenge you faced? Record specific actions you took to address the challenge? What was the outcome? Document numbers, percentages, and dollar amounts to quantify the impact.
  • When collecting accomplishments, think about the key areas of competency required for success in your role. What are the key components of your job? Then identify accomplishments directly related to this area of emphasis.
  • Use your accomplishments for reflection. Assess your accomplishments to take a “big picture” look at your work and your career, and use that information to set future goals.
  • Print or email to yourself any thank you notes, kudos emails, congratulations on a job well done messages for your own records.
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A big dreamer as well as a big do-er, Madelyn draws on her experience of successfully navigating three high-profile careers to provide the expert advice, encouragement, and step-by-step action plans you need to activate your career dreams.

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